Paula Tetluk

Fine Artist




A Little Bit About Me…

My name is Paula Tetluk and I am a married mother of two based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I have always found myself connected to the arts and have been practicing my craft since I was a child, I have worked professionally as an artist in the field of advertising, commission based work and running classes and workshops. When I consider what art means to me, I see it as an expression of what one sees and how one feels in terms of their surroundings. I am inspired by the energy, emotion and textures of everything I encounter, thus art gives me the ability to truly see. I choose to listen to the whispers of daily life that others may overlook and present it in a way that connects with people. I look at capturing the fleeting moments in time and portraying the inward significance of the subject I am focusing on. I am not bound to one specific use of medium but rather I take joy and inspiration in using different techniques in relation to what I am trying to represent in my artworks.

My Skills

Below is a breakdown of my skills in the arts and fine arts.

I’ve created an animated bar graph that showcases the level of expertise I have for each of them. 

Mixed Medium
Ink & Bleach


Commission Work

Commission Work

I specialize in doing commission work for high end clients, I work closely with interior designers and create artworks to suit a clients specific requirements. I can do work in any medium and any size. If you interested in knowing more, please feel free to contact me via email.



I run and teach art classes for adults ranging from beginners to advanced. I cover all mediums and techniques and handle each student as an individual, going at their own pace. I also host monthly workshops that specialize in a specific aspect of fine art. These lessons are based in Rivonia, Johannesburg and are run 5 mornings a week. If you are interested in knowing more, please feel free to contact me via email.



  61 Wessel Road, Sandton, 2128
 011 803 3623
 082 895 0174